See below for a comprehensive list of publications associated with the Cave Science Centre since its conception in 2017-18.

Rowberry, M., Frontera, C., Baron, I., Kucera, J., Krivánek, L., Martí, X., 2020. A novel positioning system for three dimensional fracture displacement monitoring in the British Cave Science Centre, Poole's Cavern, Buxton, Derbyshire. Cave & Karst Science, 47, 146-152.

Sarah Beswick (2020): Investigating the use of the DGT technique in analysing trace metal concentrations of the drip water in Poole's Cavern, Buxton, England.  Undergraduate Thesis, Lancaster University.

Georgina Shaw (2020): Investigation of trace elements and partition coefficients in cave drip waters: Poole's Cavern, Derbyshire, UK.  Undergraduate Thesis, Lancaster University.

Georgina Wilmot (2020): The microclimatic effects of tourists on cave microclimate and calcite precipitation: Cave monitoring in Poole's Cavern, Derbyshire. Undergraduate Thesis, Lancaster University.

Scott (formerly P.) Ambler (2018): The microclimatic factors influencing calcite precipitation from hyperalkaline drip waters: Cave monitoring in Poole's Cavern, Derbyshire, UK. Masters Thesis, Lancaster University.

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