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Cave Science Symposium 2020

On Saturday 14th of November the British Cave Research Association hosted their first virtual science symposium. This meeting was hugely successful with over 110 people joining from all over the world, with 32 separate countries represented! This meeting gave me a great opportunity to present some of the data from the Cave Science Centre, my talk was entitled Exploring the impact of tourists on the cave environment: A COVID 19 case study from Poole’s Cavern, Derbyshire, UK. As the title suggests the talk focuses on the impact of tourists on cave temperature and how the spring UK lockdown period allowed us a chance to study Poole's Cavern under natural climate conditions.

The talk is attached below, I hope its enjoyable and gives a bit more information about the BCSC and the changes in cave temperature in relation to lockdown.

BCRA 2020 ACS pres
Download MP4 • 571.34MB

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